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The flexible, friendly, fun Rotary family! We meet the first Tuesday at 6PM on Zoom. Join us! (email Joan9e@gmail.com for link to join a meeting) and third Tuesday at 6:00 for our Club Board meeting..  Join Us Online Private Details: Password: Rotary
Club News
Rotarians Kent Bohls and Linda Tyler planning the butterfly garden.
As part of Rotary E-Club DAP Grant project a Peace Pole and butterfly garden were installed.  Pictured are Rotarians Adam and Betty Lara. 

Global Grant - Modernization of Three Community Schools (Host Club – RC of Biratnagarr)

The Rotary E-Club supports the Rotary Foundation and also has partnered in several Global Grants as a major partner.   This has been made possible because of relationships with members of our club and other clubs.  The first grant was with a club in Nepal.  Member PDG Suresh Pahwa is friends of a PDG in Nepal and make the grant possible.  The following is a description of the grants:


Global Grant - Equipment for Covid-19 Treatment (Host club – RC of Biratnagar, Downtown)

The COVID-19 pandemic affected Biratnagar, Nepal very badly and it spread fast in the community. 



Rotarians Joan and Kent Bohls giving presentation on Global Grant to the Taylor Rotary Club.  


Green Steps  provides service opportunities through supporting the environment, the newest area of focus in Rotary.  Green Steps is how members of Rotary E-Club of Central Texas can do service together while being apart.  We can each do our part and that is our service.   
Green Step #1 Avoid plastic by taking reusable  water bottle and bags with you. Reduce plastic by using Laundry Detergent  liquidless eco sheets like Earth Breeze. 
Green Step #2 Meatless Monday- Eat less meat and eat more environmentally friendly foods. https://youtu.be/zLRfw-urNB8
 Green Step #3 Plant Pollinator Plants. By replacing grass with native flowers  and plants  you don't have to mow, water, fertilize, or use pesticides and that is good for  bees! 
Green Step  #4 Mindful Mowing (wait until wildflowers go to seed to mow) 
Green Step #5 Leave the Leaves on the ground. Allow leaves to turn into compost and help the soil. 
Green Step #6 Respect, Reverence, Respect in Relationship to Mother Earth by walking softly, leave no trace, feast responsibility, look to the Seventh Generation in all you do.
Step #7 Plant a Tree.   
Step #8 Lunch Local for Love (shop local farmer's markets)
Step #8- Be kind to bees ! Plant pollinator plants, don't use pesticides, put up a Mason bee house.
Step #9  Lights out at night for migrating birds.
Step #10  Recycle and compost.
Step #11 Use less electricity by unplugging electronics when not in use.
Step #12. Drive and fly less, bike more; Drive electric if you can. Fill your car tires to recommended pressure. 
Step #13 Put a bluebird house bird feeder in your back yard. Become a citizen scientist and count birds for EBird - Cornell University. 
Step #14 Reduce food waste. Buy what you need. 
Green Steps is how Rotary e Club of Central Texas do service individually since  members live apart. We can all make a difference  together.

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Welcome to the Flexible, Friendly, Fun, Rotary Family! 


Flexible, Friendly, Fun Rotary Family

We meet In Person & Online
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Join us! We meet on the web by weekly e-mail updates, Facebook, Twitter, and Zoom third Tuesday at 6::30 for a meeting program; (email Joan9e@gmail.com for link to join a meeting)
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 Green Steps
Rotarians supporting Shelter Box with Jessica 
Frank Ivy, Alison Ivy, Kent and Joan Bohls
Rotary E club is a Shelter Box Hero!
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Rotary News
Photographer reflects on 18 years of chasing polio

Exhibit documents the scope of polio eradication efforts worldwide

Watershed moment gives rise to a revitalized riverfront

The Rotary Club of Milwaukee revitalized its city’s riverfront with a contribution from a local landowner — a strategy that could work in other communities.

Lebanon club channels the power of peace

he newly formed Rotary Club of Beirut Pax Potentia, Lebanon, which focuses on peacebuilding, has its origins in a project funded by a Rotary Foundation global grant

Solar energy expands access to health care

Solar energy isn’t just good for the environment — it’s expanding access to health care

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