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District 5870 has contributed a total of District Designated Funds of $111,102 to Covid-19 related activities. We created and funded a District DAP Grant in the amount of $61,102.  We were awarded from The Rotary Foundation a District Disaster Response Fund Grant in the amount of $25,000.

This total of $86,102 will be contributed to three hospital organizations who have a footprint in all corners of our District.  These organizations are Baylor Scott & White Central Texas Foundation, Ascension Seton Foundation and St. David’s Foundation.  The donations are exclusively to be used for the purchase of Personal Protective Equipment to be distributed to hospitals and clinics throughout our District.

May 2020

Increasing our ability to adapt: That is one goal of our new Rotary Action Plan. And wow, have we seen that ability put to the test this year.

In March, Gay and I were to visit Zimbabwe, Turkey, and eight other countries over the course of 30 days. After participating in a medical mission in Zimbabwe and Commonwealth Week activities in London, on the 11th day, we were packing our suitcases for Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

While attending a dinner at the High Commission for Pakistan in London, we received word that it would be impossible to travel everywhere on our itinerary. So, instead of flying to Zurich, we returned to Evanston and One Rotary Center.

Throughout early March, the news about COVID-19 became increasingly serious throughout the world. Following the advice of local officials, we canceled UN presidential conferences in Paris and Rome. Soon, the World Health Organization declared the virus a global pandemic, and we consulted with authorities on more critical decisions. We asked all Rotary districts and clubs to curb face-to-face meetings until further notice and to hold virtual meetings instead. To the districts and clubs that have adapted so quickly, thank you.

My goal in this writing is to succinctly describe the “big picture” of the Foundation. I also encourage each member to study the Foundation on—there is more detail to reinforce what Kent and I will offer during May. 

Bottom line—We want all members to understand the Foundation and thusly support it with an annual donation. 

In my judgement, the RI Foundation is an ingenious creation designed to support the vision of “World Peace and Understanding.”
It has an “endowment component” made up primarily from bequest gifts to assure the fund well into the future.
It has a “designated gifts” component, that includes support of polio-plus, peace scholars, disaster relief, as examples.
It has a “World Fund” component from which major initiatives attack world wide issues.
It has an “Annual Fund “ component that is designed to create a partnership with local Districts and Clubs. It seeks to generate funds for local community and global initiatives. Each year, each District receives back half of the club donations made three years prior.  These funds are then expended through a grant process let by each Governor. 

If you have not made a donation to the “annual fund” this Rotary year, please do so. A $25 donation goes a long way to serve others above self. 

Yours in Rotary service.

When we feel fear we are motivated to act (maybe that's why there is a run on TP)  but in times like these it's important not to obsess on the news.  Emotions are contagious  When we don't have information we spiral.  These days the news is just plain scary.  As Rotarians, it is important to look at the big  picture, stay safe but continue to ask how can we serve.  HEB asked everyone to "leave some for your neighbor'  Remember we are all in this together.  Let's not forget that polio also terrorized the nation and Rotarians took that challenge on when a vaccine was developed.  Fear is a terrible thing.  We are at a moment when everyone is looking for guidance.  This is a time for Rotarians to step up but we are just not sure what to do which is why we need to continue to meet, talk and be the voice of calm.  Rotary e-club Central Texas can continue to meet on Zoom and let's invite other Rotarians and friends to join in the meetings and conversations.  Hope to see everyone on Tuesday at 6:00 on Zoom. Check member e-mail for Zoom link each week.  

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Rotary clubs in districts across Italy worked together to procure state-of-the-art equipment needed to combat the deadly coronavirus disease for 26 hospitals around the country.

The ongoing evolution of Rotaract is redefining its place within Rotary.

Rotary clubs in East Africa are forging partnerships to provide hand washing stations and food in areas where social distancing is a luxury that few can afford.

Members help launch site so merchants can sell goods, organize supplies to make sanitizer, and provide food to health care workers.


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